Thursday, 28 October 2010

Work Experience With Rob Ryan October 2010

On Friday 15th October I went for a days work experience at Rob Ryan's studio in London. I had a really great day. I spent the morning helping out to print some posters for Rob's upcoming exhibitions next month and I spent the afternoon helping on one of his latest paper cut outs. Everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere in the studio was really great. I am hoping to go back there to do some more work experience in the not too distant future.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Trees painted on my wall

I got some really nice little bird hooks for our house and decided that I would paint some trees on the wall for them to go on! Sorry the photos aren't fantastic the light is really terrible in that room.

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More garden creatures

Here are some more interesting creatures that I found in our garden. The hornet is unfortunately dead I think (otherwise I probably wouldn't be so close!) but I think that it's beautiful all the same.

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

60th Anniversary Card

This week it's James' Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary- this is the card that I have made for them- it's hand cut out paper stuck on to card.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Concertina Timeline Book

This was a project for college- we had to make a 'concertina book/accordion fold' book with the contents being a time line of our lives so far. This project happens to be branched vaguely between 2 separate modules of the course and as I am part time I completed one of these modules last year and am doing the second one at the moment- basically I got set the same task for the second year running! So instead of being a time line of my life it's a time line of the past year (since I made the last one- which you can see under the previous post 'book binding module'- it's the 4th image down). For the task we were all given a long piece of white paper to fold up to make the pages but this year to make it a bit different, instead of using the paper provided, I cut each page individually and then stitched them all together at the end. I used a combination of photographs, stitched illustrations and paper cut out writing to create the imagery in my book.
I have now added some more 'close up' pictures of this in a more recent post- enjoy!)

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Peacock Illustration/ Paper Cut Out

I made this peacock on photoshop using a feather and a body that I hand cut out of paper first.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Stitched Illustrations.

These are some more illustrations that I have made using the technique of stitching onto paper.

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Stitching Fun

These are some illustrations that I have created using stitching for my current project that I am doing for college.

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The best caterpillar I've ever seen!

We found this caterpillar in the garden- isn't it amazing?!

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Valentine's Day Card 2010

This was the valentine's day card that I made for James this year. It is all cut by hand.

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jewelery (complemenatry studies module)

Last term we had a 'complementary studies module' in which we got to pick something outside of our specialty practice to have a go at- I picked jewelery. It was an interesting experience but extremely frustrating at times! I think that I needed to learn to have a bit more patience as a beginner! I'm not entirely pleased with the outcomes and I don't think that it is something that I will continue in the future but I'm glad that I did it and that I had the chance to learn new skills and techniques with different materials.

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