Friday, 15 April 2011

Final Postcard Design

This is my finished digital postcard design.


This is another postcard idea but this time for the word fear- I prefer this idea much more than the 'anger' one- I think the text, spacing etc is more considered. It is hand drawn in pen. We have to develop one idea into a digital postcard- I think it will be this one!


This is a design for a postcard as part of my module 'art and language' that I'm currently doing. This part of the module is about combining image and text- I did the bottom one first and decided that it is much too rounded to look particularly angry- I think that this was partly due to the pen being too thick, so I did it again with a thinner pen, more angular type and more angular lines making up the background- I think that it looks much better! (although I think that the spacing and sizing of the letters perhaps needs a little bit more consideration).

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hand Drawn Alphabet With Weight

The next step was to add weight to the letters, we were working on producing a medium weight font with a stem width of 1/ 8th of the height of the letter. This stage was even harder than the first! It took a long time! The next stage is to draw them all up neatly and in order.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Yet again more cut out trees!

Here is another cut out tree- I did this whilst I was with my friend so that I could try out some of her 'modge podge'. Which is a sort of finsh/sealent type thing. I think it's very big in america- she had several different types- matt, gloss, indoor, outdoor and glittery, I went with the glittery one as it looked fun. It was nice to experiment with different ways of finish off a paper cut out.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Caterpillar In Boscastle

We went to Boscastle last weekend and we found this lovely caterpillar. It amazes me how fantastic cameras are now- zooming in on the photo you can see the amazing detail of the caterpillars pattern so much better than I can see with my eyes!

Hand Drawn Alphabet

Today we had to start hand drawing the alphabet. The typeface that we had to study was Gills Sans Serif and today was drawing it in its most basic skeletal form- it was hard!

Sorry I've Been So Bad At Keeping My Blog Recently....

Sorry I've been so bad at keeping my blog recently. I finished one module (visual culture and communications) and then had a two week work experience placement with the illustrator Rob Ryan in his studio Ryan Town in London. I had a fantastic two weeks and got to do lots of different stuff within the studio, It was great to see how a real studio functions on an everyday basis. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming and I really enjoyed my placement there. After that it was back to college and continuing with my contextual studies module (essay writing and such)as well as finishing decorating the hallway at home and other bits and pieces that need doing so I've had a little bit of a creative battery recharge! Last Friday I started a new module 'art and language' so hopefully this will provide lots of new blog updates.


I found these rubber alphabet stamps and ink pads at home so decided to have a play with them and make some cards. Not my most creative en devour ever but it was fun!