Sunday, 30 January 2011

Christmas Present For Simon and Joanna

James' Grandparent's celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary back in October and we had a big family party for them. At the party a massive group photo was taken of everyone that was there and we thought that it would nice to put this in a frame as a present for James' parents for Christmas. I decided to cut out the names of everyone that was there to go around the outside of the photograph. It wasn't particularly easy to fit all 28 names in exactly around the edge of the photo and it took a few attempts before I got it right! Anyway... here is the end result- sorry the photo of it finished in the frame isn't a particularly good one.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Lizard Stamp

Another part of my current module is entitled 'paleontology animal reconstructions'. We had to choose between several different descriptions of made up extinct animals, research what they would have been like if alive and then draw them. The animal I choose was a type of lizard (I'll put the drawings up later when photographed them). The next part of the brief was to use a sheet of shapes given to us by the tutors and to create your animal from these shapes 3 times- once with as many shapes as you like, then with 10 shapes and finally, five shapes. We were also given a stamp template to put our 'strongest' design into. Here is my 10 shape animal and stamp- I think it perhaps looks more like a gremlin than a lizard though??

Sixties Pattern

This is a pattern that I did back during foundation year that I found recently and made into a colourful magnet :-) The pattern isn't fantastic quality but it's worked quite well on the magnet which is now sitting happily on my magnetic board in my art room!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Monster Plants 2

This is the second lot of 'paper cut' developments for my 'monster plants' task. Finished results to finish soon!

Monster Plants 1

So these are the first lots of developments from my eden project work.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Paul The Octopus- final design. Take Two!

So we had a group tutorial about our animal editorial designs and we came to the conclusion that mine would work better with a 'night time' back drop- the idea would be to make it more 'atmospheric'. There was talk of doing it digitally but I don't have an A3 scanner (or printer come to that matter) and seeming as I'm not great with all things digital I would probably make it worse rather than improving it! Anyway... a days work later and here is the final, final design! I think it definitely has improved it by re-doing the background so I guess that it was worth all the work.

I have a lovely husband :-)

This one is a little bit of a random (and a little sickening perhaps too?) post. James went through a short phase of making my food/drink look pretty :-)