Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sad Broken Teapot

James brought me this teapot a few months ago which I loved. Unfortunately (I have no idea why) the kitchen cupboard door decided to spontaneously come off it's hinges and fall onto the counter below, knocking a whole bottle of fabric softener all over the kitchen floor and destroying a cafetiere, a tea bag dish and my beautiful teapot :-( I couldn't bear to throw it away at first but then I thought I could photograph it in memory (as it is kind of silly to be hanging on to a smashed teapot) I think it looks kind of poetic....

Paper Cut Outs For Ironing Board Competition

These are photographs of the paper cut outs that I did in preparations for my brabantia ironing board design.


This is a submission for a zine called 'Sneak Illustration'. The theme was 'time'. I typed in 'time quotes' to google and found this nice quote by Benjamin Franklin:
'Does thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of'.
I started of as ever by making a paper cut out and then I scanned it into the computer to edit it digitally- the brief was to either submit 1 colour and 1 black and white versions of your work or just black and white- in the end I decided I preferred the black and white version so I just submitted that one.

Brabantia Ironing Board Design Competition

Brabantia are holding a competition called 'iron in style'- you design your own ironing board cover and upload it on to their website. The British section on the competition is votes based so the idea is to post is on to your facebook account and get your friends to vote for it.

My design was originally three paper cut outs which I have scanned in to the computer and developed on photoshop.

Please vote for it! Here is the link:

If that doesn't work it's under the name Joanna Birkett and it's approx design number 409 (it's in the section 400-420)

Thank you!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Summer Show Poster Competition

There was a competition at college to design a poster for the summer show. I thought I'd have a go as it can count towards my upcoming work based learning module. I'm not sure that I'm that impressed with the results but I think that the photoshop practice that I got from doing it was quite useful. One of the main issues I had was that I drew the initial design by hand onto an A3 piece of paper but then I had to scan it on to the computer to develop it further and I only have an A4 scanner at home. So I had to scan it in in sections and then try and piece it together on the computer afterwards!

Student Hub, Final Designs.

These are the final ideas for the student hub artwork.

Design Ideas For Artwork For The Student Hub

We got an email sent to us with a brief attached to it, about designing some artwork for an area of the college called the 'student hub' which has just been redecorated. The brief is for artwork painted onto mdf board but currently they just want ideas. I felt like doing a paper cut out so I started with that but then I can scan it into the computer and make it into a design for the artwork which I could then paint onto board if required too!

Valentine's Day Card For James 2011

This is the card that I made for James for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Cake

I made this cake for James for Valentine's day- it was supposed to be a coffee cake because James likes coffee cake but I forgot to put any coffee in it so it's just cake... it still tastes good though! We tried to keep it in a heart shape as we ate it!