Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Eden Project Trip

the eden project...

me drawing at the eden project!

lots of tiny ants!

snow outside the eden project

We went on a college trip to the Eden project back in December. It was a very surreal day with snow still on the ground outside and temperatures of 30 degrees in the tropics dome!! Our initial brief was to do 6 A4 pages of drawings of plants from the Eden project. This was a pretty massive task to do in such a short space of time- I'm not particularly confident in my drawing and to produce something that I'm pleased with usually takes me hours (for just one drawing!). Anyway I gave it my best shot and the results are above- I'm not particularly pleased with any of them but I guess that it's all good practice. We now have to develop these drawings into 'monster plants' more about this to follow in a later post!

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  1. for quick drawings I think they are pretty amazing!