Friday, 27 August 2010

Finished Album Cover

This was the final outcome of my album cover design project. I went with the band 'shark speed' (see top left hand corner of the front cover), the title 'the world is not a cold dead place' and record label 'fly records' (see bottom left hand corner of the back cover). The record label logo is an etching which was the first print process that I used and the second process I used was the laser cutting for the front cover photograph. For the title I designed an 'alive' world- a world with lots of life on it- children, animals, tress etc but then cut it out of very plain white mount board. I then photographed it in a grave yard (you can see the grave stones in the background of the photos) but I photographed it with lots of living flowers in the fore ground. I was going to produce it in colour but in the end decided that black and white worked pretty well. I'm not quite sure what the end outcome is.. is the world a cold dead place? You decide...

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