Monday, 20 September 2010

Tea Cosy For James

For James' birthday I wanted to get him a tea cosy (he loves tea). I saw some really nice ones in the shape of hens etc but they were really rather expensive... so then I thought I may as well have a go at making one myself. I wanted it to be special to James, so rather than just making a hen I thought I'd ask him what his favourite animal was- slight mis-truth- I know exactly what his favourite animal is- it's a bunny... I don't like particularly like bunnies (and in all fairness I'll be using the tea cosy too) so.. the actual questions was what's your second favourite animals after bunnies? To which he replied 'a husky dog'....(how on earth am I supposed to make a husky dog tea cosy??) so I asked- ok then what's your third favourite animal? I think he was a bit fed up at this point and he said 'a dragon'- so here it is- James' dragon tea cosy!

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  1. Amazing!! I want it!! haha ~ such a cool design >.<