Monday, 22 November 2010

multiple darwins...

This is my reference photograph which I found here.

Embossing onto acetate.

Playing with light and shadows.


Stitching onto card.

Embossing onto acetate.

Cutting out of a leaf (this did not work well AT ALL!- apparently if you start cutting into a leaf it loses a lot of its structural integrity...)

Cutting out paper.

Drawing with text.

Embossing onto card.

Burning onto wood.

Using photoshop to make an image drawn from tiny ape illustrations.

Using photoshop to alter colours and repeat.

Sewing-pins onto polystyrene.

My latest college project is to work from a photograph and to produce at least 20 different illustrations from it using different techniques and materials. Our subject was chosen for us and I was given Charles Darwin! We are supposed to portray something of the subjects character/achievements or something about them through these illustrations (I have definitely not achieved this in every one!) So, for example- Darwin was a naturalist so have used natural(ish) colours, and made a picture of him from apes (evolution theory), stitched a picture of him onto a world map (supposed to be a ship's course- as he went on a 5 year voyage around the world on his ship 'the Beagle) etc etc, some links I've made are more tenuous than others!! This is a selections of some of my efforts- I'm not amazingly pleased with any of them- I probably like the one made out of pins the best though, if I had to pick one. I have to say I have not enjoyed this project at all- I dislike drawing people and have found it quite difficult to be inspired by my subject choice.

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  1. hey this is one of my favourite of your projects! Really inventive. You had a tough task. Charles Darwin may be inspiring scientifically but not so much artistically. Good job!

    I like the paper cut out and the light and shadows ones especially. Good idea with the map.